Vegas Strong Flag

First Roll Of Film In The Canon AE-1

I got back my first roll of film that I put through my new Canon AE-1 film camera.

The film I used was Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 24 exposures.

I was downtown Las Vegas in the Arts District and I thought I’d go test out my new camera on the October 1 Vegas Strong Remembrance Wall Memorial.

Then I walked over to the Graffiti covered buildings and captured a few shots there.

After that, I went down to Fremont Street Experience so there’s a few shots of the Viva Las Vegas sign.

I also tried out an effects filter on the Viva Las Vegas sign, it didn’t quite have the effect I thought it would.

I’m happy with my first roll though, my exposures were pretty good, I even got some shots in focus.

It’s very different shooting with manual focus and film again after shooting auto focus digital for so many years.

It will take some practice to get the hang of shooting with film and manual focus again, but I’m excited to go shoot some more film with my AE-1.

I’m uploading all my shots here to be completely transparent and show all my results.

No editing, just all the shots, raw.

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